Where are you from?

This is inevitably the second or third question in the conversation starter chain. The first depending on the sex could either be Are you married/Where do you work?

The question I earlier alluded to sends me in a tizzy with a long-winded explanation waiting to be reeled off.

Would it be better to say , from my mother’s womb or even apt What is it to you?? without sounding impolite.

With a surname that smacks of the hinterlands of Lalooji but absolutely no connection whatsoever, I’m a truly confused Indian. Thankfully I’m not confused about my Indianess, so far atleast.

I am proud to be born in this country which by default makes me an Indian, isn’t that enough?!

Do I have to state my caste, my community, my religious leanings.

Hark the census!!

Do I have to name a father who never was but a name sake and not give due credit to a mother WHO is above ALL.

Hark the census!!

Will a unique identity number let me be, just be an Indian, ever so humble?!




7 thoughts on “Rootless

  1. I m from laluji’s hinterland. courtesy my surname–mishra, which i try not to write. courtesy–late vp singh n the great justice mandal. a generation in laluji’s hinterland got born without a surname. parents chose to hide it. courtesy–so called lower castes backlash against all the jha’s, mishra’s, thakur’s, pandey’s. a generation became ‘kumar’ n ‘kuwnari’.
    where constitution failed, lalu n vp n mandal did. (this is a d findings of a research i hv been doing).
    thankfully mother’s womb had no title. yes tht was d place frm where i am n was. but mother was from her mother’s womb. n her mother’s mother– millions year ago–was perhaps n amoeba. n d amoeba was water n water was fire n fire was smoke. everthing was just smoke. still when people ask–tell me about urself? i jst wonder. sometimes i say i m fire, smtimes a river n whn still unable to convince i say i m smoke. nothng else.

  2. Dear Avid blogger, much as I love to read your blog I would like to add that this background is a bit too distracting.
    Will be great if you could go for a background with softer tones so that your writing stands out even more….

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