Feb 14…

So what? Just another day or so I thought?

Till my dear lady looks at Bambubhai and asks So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

Huh?! What?! Come again?!

Quizzical looks passed between Bambubhai and me. What were we expected to do? Roses, wine and chocolates. Couldn’t be cheesier we thought as we continued to fight over The Social Network and Zuckerberg’s potrayal. Wasn’t he a manipulative SOB or smart?!

Valentine’s Day huh?! What?! Come again?!

Bambubhai and I have known each other for a long time now. Wishing each other on a birthday is not even a priority on our list of things. The height of romance scaled…

a bottle of chilled beer shared on a hot afternoon

reading comics in companionable laughter

packing bags for a weekend birding trip

book sales with business biographies, kenneth anderson vying for a spot with jim corbett, archies slugging it out with Suppandi

blowing  soap bubbles

heading to the friendly neighbourhood acquariumwalla to see the latest catch and adding even more fishes to our growing collection of fishes

taking Malteaser for a walk

another argument..

on google vs facebook

on how much he hates facebook

about whose turn it was to fill up water in the loo

Golmaal 3 vs Love Story

home-made biryani vs take out from chung’s

NOW TELL ME FOLKS, kindly do, where is the time to commemorate St. Valentine when our days are full of the mundane?!


6 thoughts on “Feb 14…

  1. Just want to clarify….Is it bambubai(kamvali) or bambu(don)bhai?
    As I was gazing thru the lines I could recall the law of magnetism which says,like poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.
    Bambubai and you look like a perfect match which rightly proves the law(unlike poles attract each other).

    “Valentines day” – I’d say that its one day in a year about reminding ourselves (amidst our days full of mundane!) to hug our partner which we might have completely forgotten with all our other priorities(the list of priorities) or just because we have been in the relationship for quite long!

    Happy valentines day…

    • @leveron, shucks and i thot i was being clever when i concocted this one.bambubhai he with the bamboo, the tiger hunter 😀
      i believe in every day being a valentine’s day..so a hug goes out to all the people who make my life special every single day.
      thanks for dropping by leveron, truly appreciate your comments. hope u continue to read. happy valentine’s day to u as well

  2. “…… and adding even more fishes to our growing collection of fishes” Animal cruelty. Putting some many fish in a small tank is termed as animal cruelty. hehehehehehe

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