The Pump Phenomena

Clinton,Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Shiney Ahuja, and now Kahn & Schwarzenegger…the list it looks is endless. Now I won’t go into the common thread here. The news mill is overflowing with info and if you don’t know what I’m  refering to well where have you been?? MARS!!

The Pump phenomenon is back again!!!

Instead of pumping iron/muscles/brains these men have been busy pumping their shaft, it seems.

Gross eh?

What is even more gross is their women (wives in most instances) coming out in voluble support claiming their husbands were as white as cow’s milk. Huh…hello?!

These very women who claim or purportedly show themselves to be THINKING women and support women’s lib, social causes and appear to be socially aware actually came out in defense of their men when the first instance of infidelity/sexual misdeamenour was revealed…. HUH..hello?!!

Did they read the Mahabharatha to become Gandhari??

Would someone explain to me why women chose to be supportive in all the wrong instances or are they genetically conditioned to be this way??!


The SlutWalk movement

Read this article to get more details on the movement and this commentary on it as well..

While the title of the movement/protest march sounds provocative it has served its purpose – getting media attention and tongues wagging.

In an Indian context, the Toronto cop’s advise to York University students on  not dressing up like sluts to avoid attention has been said in perhaps not such abusive terms. Whether it has been the 4th estate, policy makers, those influencers – Bollywood/Kollywood/Tollywood and wormwood:people who are there to serve and protect, nearly every entity has at one point in time preached the modesty of virtue!!!

Yet, we as (Indian) society have decidedly kept mum. Centuries of conditioning has ensured that a vast majority of girls/women here evolve into docile,  non-assertive, non-aggressive, submissive, non-questioning, non-thinking and a lot of other qualitative adjectives to become doormats, easily bought/exchanged.

We still live in a feudal society where a woman’s right is non-existent.

Women still prefer staying “married” to alcoholics, abusive, psychotic, bestial creatures, whom I shall not term as men, instead of walking away from such relationships with whatever shards of mental equilibrium, dignity and self respect they manage to hold on to.

All because society still treats a woman separated/divorced/single as pariah.

Urban society fortunately has changed with women in metros seemingly allowed their individuality. I thank my fortune for being born in a metro-esque setting till I walk down the street to have a stare follow me, till I see a woman fighting off a molester while a crowd enjoys the show, till I see women scurrying to their cars after catching a late night’s show…….