And this finally happened!

15 years of waiting, and not knowing if ever.

10 years of not really caring

9 months of not knowing

365 days of surprise

My star, my guiding light

Turned One

Seems a year zipped by and yet each day stands out… Etched deep, for ever changing. 

From this crinkly alien ETesque being who stared constantly to a tubby toothless wonder with a constant beam to this curly mopped delight with the most luminiscent smile and constant curousity.

Life is being lived anew.

Every sense awakened.

Every moment cherished.

Where the mundane monotony becomes a delightful dilema.

Why does the skirt swirl when lifted and dropped?

Why does a chain not roll but a balled up piece of paper does?

Did you know a paper when shaken vigorously creates music or that legs when brought down with gusto again and again and again never tire but want that momentum to continue?

Or that sunlight appears different visually through sheer fabric and becomes glorious when it hits your naked skin?

That water in the mouth caused a gurgling sound or that nails when flicked together create a noise loud enough to waken a babe.

That everything has a touch… A cold bottle of water; the folds of your skin; the curve of the bannister; the graininess of wood; the vinyl texture of a car seat that makes dancing music if rubbed fast enough…. That everything has music. From your pursed lips to a piece of paper to the slapping of tiny legs together.

These 365 days have been a heady narrative of wonders rediscovered and uncovered.

Can’t wait for what the next 365 brings….