So in the midst of preparing a presentation, reviewing a speech, editing an article and getting the house cleaned (story of my life, and no, I ain’t super woman…I’m any woman you meet) my 10 month old on my lap, in my arms and straddled on my hip. He’s a permanent fixture, my umblical cord to life as I have come to know it.

His head and body twist to unimaginable angles and his voice modulates his high notes as he catches the fan, blinks at the light, catches the sun streaming on his face and beams into his Nanu’s eyes.

He drums a beat on any surface he can lay his tiny, chubby fingers on and scratches a tune on plastic, paper, cloth, you imagine it and there his nails find their mark. He listens to sound that is not audible to a jaded human like me. But there you have it, his fascination with the world is endless.

Every time his dad walks into the room and croons, each time the door bell rings, when his Nanu makes faces at him or his mom (pretend) swings him high and mushes her nose into his cheek the gurgles continue undisturbed.

He’s a meerkat, constantly looking to see what’s going on in his teeny tiny world. He’s an orangutan baby who is dexterous with both his hands and limbs, eyes going goggly at the sight of new objects and old, fascination when the fishes swim towards him ogling from their glass tank while he ogles from yonder trying to fix them with his glare and scare them with his shrieks.

He’s my lil pup, always welcoming the weary one with a smile and a nuzzle, with arms wide open to comfort and soothe. Love unconditional, exuberance unchecked and life as I knew it is not the same anymore.

His infectious smile, and unbridled passion, his unquenchable curiosity and greed to grab all that comes his way, his unwavering trust in knowing he’s safe, his unstinting drive to be himself……

My li’l tyke has changed me and how.

And then I come across this….. and I know I’m on the right path, to define who I am and embrace the world as it could be/should be..





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