Travelling home last evening listening to Barry White belt out Just the way you are and mesmerized by the crimson sky and balmy breeze I had an epiphany.

Normally I wouldn’t recognize one even if it were the size of my lil boy’s fist suckerpunching my jaw to the sound of a helicopter taking off (that’s the current sound track my lil fella bleats out) but this for some reason just stuck.

“Into each of our lives comes that one particular time or moment when our presence can make a difference

When it is in our hands to make that difference

To add that value

When we can change the course of events

And the magic begins when we recognize that moment and act”

And as the driver started swooshing at every turn bent on banging the bus against projecting walls and hitting the divider I looked on wondering if I have seized these moments and made a difference to what could be and made it what is.

I realized I have.

Now the tricky part was to continue Staying True to self and Staying Bold.

Happy New Year everyone…..




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