The Intouchables

3 in the morning trying to put my li’l tubcake to sleep had me randomly switching channels and what a find I stumbled onto.

The Intouchables, a french movie about an unlikely friendship between a rich quadriplegic and a reluctant caregiver. That the one is the black and the other white is just incidental to the story. The movie goes beyond race into something more simple and rare.. a true friendship that transcends social class and physical disabilities.  And what could have been a maudlin fare full of drivel and sniffling characters  instead becomes this extraordinary story served on a refreshing platter of honesty and humor.

This hilarious, heart warming flick is easily on my top 20 movies to watch on those Moody Blues days.

And it set off another train of thought.

How friendships (not the I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine kinds nor the I-need-your-help-else-I-don’t-remember-you type kinda ho-hum friendships but those that are tried/tested & stand true) are struck in the most unlikeliest of places with the most unlikely of people.

Unlike family you can chose your friends.

And most often we end up choosing friends based on mutual interests, networking opportunities or associations. Nothing wrong really. But then gauge the quality of these friendships against the random ones with whom you can just pick up a conversation or the threads of that friendship after a long separation like you were never apart. With whom you can talk endlessly about nothing and yet come away satisfied like you have just unlocked one of the mysteries of life.

Friends with whom you just struck a rapport not based on any of the commonalities but the differences that made you seek the other.

How these friendships are like that first cuppa coffee on a Monday morning that helps kick start the day.

How these friendships are like those old comics you go back to long, long after you have outgrown them.

How these friendships help you revel in your quirky individuality and not let you be another face in the crowd.


Being open to the endless possibilities of life and being aware in the moment is one sure way to strike such unlikely lifelong friendships.

Live in the now.


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