Post partum depression or lack of expression

5 months post delivery and I’m still reeling from the after affects of this whole ‘pregnancy’ not-so-glow-but-very-very low thingie.

I sit down to write and a vast canvas stares at me, ridiculing me in my hazy state where the right words don’t spring out as they would have sprung earlier.

I talk to people and have a vast deal to opine about, i’m an opinionated women, but there are plenty of ahem, pregnant pauses, before the right word or phrase comes in a hasty rush – often the wrong one at the wrong time or I just look blank, panic stricken wondering where the very expressive lady of yore has disappeared to.

My physical blotches are slowly disappearing but mentally I just seem to have one huge blotch of nothingness.

Trying to read at warp speed, digesting the words and trying to regurgitate later isn’t as easy as it used to be.

I’m in a perpetual state of brain freeze.


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