Life happened?!

Do you think the blue looks better or the pink?

Umm, you think the grey goes with the red?you sure?! Hmm, maybe you are right.

But then again, don’t you think the blue looks a lot better?

Now for the male of the species wherever you may be I’m sure reading this would be like deciphering a cryptic code.

and the ladies….well they already picked up the threads and are running with it.

This may well be a conversation about clothes, quilts or stilts (ahem, stilletoes I mean).

And this may well be a conversation between tweenies, millenials, 60-somethings (like someone said choose your poison)

The mirrors come out too…harmless wrinkles start looking like the markers on the runaway to guide a taxing flight (in this case the woman and her descent to old age); pimples and acne where once they were reflecting blooms of youth are now red lights of poverty (coz you obviously couldn’t afford the latest skin treatment procedure equal to a month’s pay, the pay of your local kaamwalibhai that is) ; barges and boats around your midriff are no longer the signs of a ‘kaathe peethe ghar ki ladki‘ but the signs of losing it (to laziness, sloth, overindulgence)  and where a flat ab is no longer the prerogative of the coolie but a proud gym junkie.

My dear ladies and gentlemen,  we are after all living in a world where being curvy is sinful but  being painfully thin is a virtue; where you can flaunt your money but not your brains; where more is so much more after all we believe in conspicuous consumption and prefer eating out at malls than in dining halls of our own homes; where we prefer being gnomes to someone’s sense of your worth or their definition of what makes you You instead of standing Tall like the giant of a man that Rudyard Kipling wistfully recited…If…

After all like the good man said in HONY (Humans of New York) , “One day you will turn 60,feel 18 and wonder what the hell happened”……

darling,  life happened that’s what, either you make it happen or it just does!!


3 thoughts on “Life happened?!

  1. Blue always looks better than pink anytime (How can pink every looks good ugh, I can never understand, even my 8-year old niece goes gaga over everything pink) and grey always looks best with black and not with (ugh) red???? Whom are you trying to ape, Govinda … Please I feel like vomitting … women and their tastes !!!!!

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