I love Jennifer Lawrence, there I said it.

Everywhere I turn the Hunger Games girl haunts me. With Hunger Games Catching Fire out in Indian theatres I’m having my wish fulfilled further. She is there on hoardings, promos, video interviews, magazines, blogs…you name it and she is there. And the more I see or read about her, the more I can’t get enough. Of course Tarun Tejpal haunts me even more but I have had enough.

If he was famous earlier he is notorious now, and I’m sure the Grand Hyatt in Goa has never had more visitors than now.

Not only did the man have the audacity to molest but he had the temerity to say he read the wrong signals leading to a spate of very poor PJs texted on WhatsApp and what-have-you. Meanwhile, the fiery journalist stands her ground and actually has the balls to get the man arrested. Standing ovation to her, now move on…

NDTV has given me nauseous coverage from the time the dangblasted man landed at Goa, turning his head, lifting a leg (ostensibly to walk another step and not pee), snarling poses, denial….you get the drift. Well so have all the other news channels. I know more about Tejpal than I do my own father, and that is saying a lot. Thank you very much I’m not interested.

I worked as a journalist, and attended after-hour parties, happy hours evening conferences, press junkets, outtatowners came in too and everyone had a good time since these were hours where high-on-testerones jagged-edge men journalists (?!) thought any PYT was lame game. You just smiled and moved on….

In the bright light of the morning sun, everything was hunky dorey again where you no longer were the sitting-duck PYT but a journo again (if you are lucky that is) and you moved on….

Of course there weren’t any lift incidents though enough lifts were offered..

Such is life.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence outclasses everybody around her in the Chill quotient, no I mean the Cool quotient. Catch her give 70-something Jack Nicholson the sassy brushoff and my love for the girl just goes a notch higher. Watch any of her interviews and you learn how to handle celebrity fame, ribald comments and what-have-you with charm that takes the edge of her pithy remarks and expressions that would have the Marx Bros make her the leading lady in all their movies.

Life lessons:

Don’t get into lifts with hoary old men

When hoary old men attack you or attempt to turn on the charm offensive

If all else fails you always have the pepper spray, which I’m told is cheaper than a pair of undies these days…..





2 thoughts on “Chill

  1. ‘high-on-testerones jagged-edge, DUMB men journalists, who think they are gift from God to women … i think that would be the excat expression,,,have watched many such assshxxxxxles during PCs

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