Pick me ups

Rainy days, bright sunny days, lazy days, crazy days….days where you just don’t know what to do or don’t want to do anything. Here’s my list of pick-me-ups:


Make yourself a Apple Toddy: 1 part brandy to 2 parts hot apple juice. Stir in a stick of cinnamon, 2 cloves, a pinch of nutmeg and a slice of ginger.

Open a murder mystery where bodies tumble out of closets and the detective is clueless till chapter 4 or page 44

Even better turn on your DVD and watch Margaret Rutherford ham her way as Miss Marple


Screw the drinks, turn on the microwave, make a bucketful of popcorn. Be sure to add some butter into the hot popcorns. Get some samosas and a quart of jal jeera or iced tea.

Turn on your DVD and have yourself a moviethon.Here’s my list of fav to watch:

  • Old Rajkumar movies with Narasimharaju as the henchman for those who watch Kannada movies
  • Anil Kapoor in his first movie: Pallavi Anupallavi (again for those who watch Kannada movies)

For the Hindi-watching gentry:

  • Jaane bhi do yaaron
  • Farouqe Sheikh in Chasme Badoor, Kisse Se Math Kehana, Ab Ayega Mazaa or any of the FS-Deepti Naval flicks
  • Angoor, Chupke Chupke, Naram Garam, Golmaal, Chitchor, Khatta Meetha


Make yourself some grilled chicken: Marinate whole chicken with skin in curds, turmeric, ginger-garlic paste, salt and a dash of red chilli powder for 2-3 hours. In the meanwhile, you can use this time to assemble all the other paraphernalia for a raving good time. Call your best friends over or like-minded neighbours. The chicken should be ready by now. Drain out all the curd, rub whole spices (oregano, basil, red chilli flakes) all over the chicken. Stuff it with lime wedges and a few pods of garlic. Finish it off with a rub of Nando’s spicy chilli and a coating of olive oil. Tie the legs together and the wings together. Stand it up on the rack or pop it onto a tray and dunk it into a preheated oven at 200 degree C. Bake for  an hour and a half.

While the chicken gets ready, start your party with a game of monopoly or pictionary.

Check on the chicken, it should be roasting red by now. Dribble on some olive oil and turn it upside down if in a pan. Another 10 minutes and it should be ready when you insert a fork and it comes clean (hehe just kidding). Your chicken should be succulent looking with no pinkishness to the flesh.

Remove and let someone carve it up while you get the movies ready. Oh, and don’t forget the crate of beer. Cold KF cans are excellent. Here are my fav:

  • The Internship (risque so not advisable if kids are around or people with sensibilities)
  • Meet the Millers (Same as above)
  • Old Lace and Arsenic (Cary Grant at his goofy best)
  • Any of the Marx Brother movies
  • North by Northwest
  • Overboard
  • Seems Like Old TImes
  • Death Becomes Her
  • The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox
  • Any of the Lethal Weapon or Die Hard franchisees
  • Any of the Alfred Hitchcock movies (The Lady Vanishes, Rebecca, N by NW, Vertigo being my favorites)


So there, the next time you have one of those lazy, crazy, hazy days have fun!

The Breakfast Club (but keep this to the middling order)


2 thoughts on “Pick me ups

  1. Who gave you that Option 3 idea … cooking ,,, ugh …. have a better idea … i call it the best option .. hit the bed … or better still wrestle with you dog on the bed and when tired go to sleep

  2. by the way if you are married or have a steady girlfriend … wrestle with her on the bed … might end up sleeping cozily

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