Finding Nemo

Most of you must have seen Finding Nemo not once but a few times over. I did the same as well.


I’m revisiting this Disney-Pixar classic again ‘coz I find I’m Nemo now.

I’m lost and trying to find my way back. And I’m out hunting myself.

Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?!

After living life to someone’s perception of who I am, I’m discovering who I am and I like what I find. Hallelujah….all those years of carefully cultivated masks are peeling off, surely but slowly. This is but a start. And in the process, here is what I figured:

  • Respect yourself before you expect some one else to respect you
  • Love yourself more for some one else to love you a little
  • Be honest with yourself even if you aren’t with anybody else
  • Speak up, for if you do not, nobody else will
  • Blow your trumpet, it makes for pleasant music but don’t blare it out ‘coz then it becomes noise
  • Forgive yourself
  • Ask for help even before you get lost
  • Frown, sulk, get angry; you don’t need to smile all the time
  • Don’t rush in to fill empty spaces and places

I’m beginning an exciting new journey filled with frown lines, crow’s eyes, saggy skin, effervescent humor, sunshine smiles, greying hair and open, childish eyes.




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