C gets me to introspect a lot, a lot more than I want to.

Today’s Q: “Why do people blog?”

I rambled on about how blogs were a good way to promote brands, talk about beliefs, a personal journal, etc etc….

“Ah, self expression,” she nodded sagely.

Hmm, yes, absolutely I said.

Earlier in the day, a colleague asked: “What’s your pet peeve?”

Even before I could  think of a politically correct answer, Coll. continued, “Well, you know what’s mine. I do not like being dis-respected. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m snooty or conceited. It’s just that I don’t like people who are unable to keep their commitments or call only when they need some work done or expect everything done but never reciprocate.”

Later in the day I sent a carefully-worded missive that would have even put an intelligence wing to shame with its cryptic content because I was too scared to say what I want.

Then the two striking conversations floated through my mind. What struck me was the clarity of thought and their self-awareness.

I realized that blogging is my attempt at imbibing this self-awareness and clarity of thought that will give me the courage of my conviction to be the best that I can be. It is this self-introspection that will help cultivate a honest relationship with myself, before I can even strive to have an honest connection with someone outside.


It is easy to cultivate relationships with colleagues, acquaintances and strangers because it is the best foot forward.

For this secondary circle: Exemplary behavior, Others before self, Common courtesy,  Rapt attention, Inordinate Patience, Civilities and a myriad other qualities straight from the ‘Dummies Guide to being a Gentleman’ is practiced.

Now how easy is it with family, close/childhood friends, yourself?  Should be easier than eating chocolate, eh?

Not quite!

For this primary circle: Impatience, Judgement & Prejudice, Disrespect and a myriad other negative qualities straight from a kindergarten playground where kids turn bullies.


Lack of awareness of what triggers reactions to situations; to people

Lack of understanding of what motivates/drives/spawns actions

Superficial knowledge of the self

Self deception

Self aggrandisement


Perhaps some day I will conquer at least some of these demons but for now I’m consciously cultivating a relationship with the self. I’m learning to love a little more today that what I did yesterday, and perhaps a little more tomorrow than what I do today.


Moral science classes in school always focused on imbibing moral values, of good vs evil, of right vs wrong, responsibilities vs rights but they never focused on finding oneself or creating self awareness. Perhaps, it is time our education system included a subject on development of the self!!


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