What a woman needs

I hate commemorating any kind of day.

Mother’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Father’s Day

World Peace Day

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

I firmly believe each day should be a celebration of what life is about…love, your parents who got you here (even if it were accidental), peace, and what-have-you-out- there, which all those greeting card companies popularised long before e-cards existed.

That said, this post isn’t meant to commemorate my mum or women.

I see my mum do the same thing she has done every single day as long as i remember remembering.


wake up before every body else does

get breakfast ready

clean up the house

wash the dishes (if the maid doesn’t come or make coffee and breakfast for the maid if she does)

pack breakfast or lunch as the case may be

get lunch ready

clean the house or the kitchen or any other place where we messed it up

talk to the neighbours and make them feel good

talk to the security or the dhobhi or the old lady who lives alone coz her family stays overseas or anybody else who needs a patient hearing

get tea ready

and take care of the pet/pets (when we had a dog and when we have fishes) all day long

and tend to the garden (weeds, vegetables, flowers, fruits, grass, butterflies, and i lose count ….)

get dinner ready


so basically be the selfless woman, that only a mum can be, while the rest of us go on with our meaningless(ful) existence, chasing dreams, chasing money, chasing popularity, chasing and chasing.


now how can one day suffice to commemorate, celebrate, raise a toast and everything good that there is to a lady who has no self, so self less, so much of an individual and not, whose life revolves around her family or the people/things she loves



that would be such a meaningless gesture, n’e st pas?!


so every day as i grow older i try to be a bit more conscious …to be there for her…. to just listen….to hold and hug….to caress….to take care of my mess…. to just be -for her and for myself….to just let her be..to encourage her to discover all the glories of the world, which perhaps she was too busy to not discover while she was caring for her selfish brood….to have her love herself a lil’ more than she loves the lot of us (losing battle so far!!!)…..to embrace technology….to not shy away from exploring her strengths and her beauty…..


and as i see her wrap up another busy day i think, what a woman needs is

a lover, at least once in a lifetime, whose memories are tucked away in her secret corner to rekindle and remind her that is a woman

a sister, a brother, a friend……who protect her from all that is harsh and stand up for her

a father……who believes in her

a hobby ….that takes her out of whatever mold she has set herself in to remind her she is more than a giver

a mother……who is there (and nay, i don’t need to say anything else)


and if you are lucky you are probably a son or a daughter to that glorious mother and remember to cherish her all your life for what she has given up and given you


God bless, and have a great week ahead!


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