Who am I

That existential question that some of us have, especially after a couple of pegs and going strong.

Nothing new really.

Most times it hits me I just wait for the tide to swell and subside so I can continue to exist, merely.

On a rare occasion like a few days back when I had one breezer too many a few lines crawled painfully into my consciousness.

I’m a child of my circumstances.

I reflect the values, perceptions and prejudices that I was exposed to in my childhood.

That no matter how hard I try, I cannot change

…..to an indifferent human

….to an extrovert

….to pretend there is love and amity when there is none

….to keep my mouth shut when it is inconvenient

…..to stop living because tragedy strikes

…..to chase money over family

So what does this make me?



Just me, uniquely me….clueless and floundering still asking that existential question

But without angst and with a trace of humor.




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