Staying Stoic

been passed up for promotion, yet again?!

your sibling/friend gets a kudos while you carry on doing the same thing day in and out?!

you see your partner get in and out of relationships hoping someday you are the first and last of it?!

you wait in the wings for the curtain call, but it never does?!

and through it all and more you continue living life looking unfazed, nonchalant and stoic

Ah, stoic. how i have come to love that word

heard people complain and gripe about ugly messes and uncomfortable situations YET carry on their life with a grace and dignity that even the Royal highness would be jealous to have.

how do they do it i wonder?

Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar was my first study in stoicism.

In my limited understanding, I thought having a thick skin and a supreme sense of self was stoicism, now i Know better.

It is about controlling your emotions and reactions. Emotions cause you to make an error in judgement. Inner Peace like Master Shifu says in Kungfu Panda goes a long way in attaining that state of stoicism. but how many of us really get there?

I have started to practice yoga now to get over my importance of self. the world doesn’t revolve around me and will continue to function in its weird and wonderful way even when i cease to exist.

Does this sound depressing? It isn’t meant to be.

thinking aloud and reflecting aloud on these thoughts opens up that vain ego we lock up inside. It lets us heal our wounds and fade our scars. It lets us open to the possibility of living in the now and moving on to the future.

We are inconsequential in the larger scheme of things, but we have our little roles to play while we last, now whether we muck our 2 mins on the stage or make it a glorious entrance and exit is dependent on us.

Choose your path but remember all that matter is knowing in the end you lived a life without regrets and you did it your own way.

cheers my wonderful friends, and have a rejuvenating weekend ahead.


2 thoughts on “Staying Stoic

  1. Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahaan nahi milta, kahin zameen to kahin aasmaan nahi milta…

    By the way stoicism is not just about calmness and balanced emotions etc. Read Epictetus (sorry, annoys me when we project modern sensibilities on ancient concepts).


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