Bambubhaibatliwala doesn’t fuss over celebrations, neither his nor others.

He is the tiger that hunts at night and I, the workhorse that ploughs the days. So the twine never meet.

Quick fix=quick holiday.

After googling came across lifeisoutside and exactly my thoughts I said. Booked, packed and off we headed to the great yonder.

Nothing exotic, since BB is yet to get his national identity that lets him travel overseas. And the destination had to be closer home since he believes home is where the hearth is.

This erstwhile french colony fit the bill. We were in for 3 days of indolence, and each other. Just what the good doc ordered.

Since the resort we booked into didn’t allow check in before 12 we had a good 5 hours to kill. KSRTC’s multiaxle volvo ‘Club Class’ was true to its words: we slept like kids. So the 8+ hr journey wasn’t too tedious. And we travelled light this time, 2 rucksacks filled with essentials (sunscreen, swimming gear, some basic clothing and caps) and of course, our camera.

His=Canon vs Me=Panasonic LS5

First impression – eyeeww!! Stench and filth. Seems TN’s curse is the same all across its cities.

Breakfast at Satguru’s of ye ole Tamil staple, Pongal Vadai and Kaapi took away the yuckiness to leave us satiated.

Promenade Road, Aurobindo Ashram &  Matamandir were the places to see said our friendly autowalla Arul, who took it upon himself to be our tourist guide and thus began our journey.

Le Chien at Lille Jack 

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howled in delight seeing Bambubhaibatliwalaandi.

Arul took us to Auroville and said we should spend time. Spend time we did but couldn’t wait to get out.

The consciousness was pulling us towards KF, sandy beaches and good food.

We told Arul to take us straight to the resort, 8-9 kms away from city proper and several winding roads later our first glimpse of what was to be our xanadu for the next three days.

Exemplary service, great food, truly relaxing ambience and something I will never forget makes Le Pondy one of the best resorts this side of the Vindhyas.

Disclaimer: I paid for every single bottle of KF, calamari rings and chicken varuval I had during the stay. So there 😛




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