‘Tis so easy

to forget all the things you set out to do

to meet all the people you wished you could

to be the person you want to be

to love like there is no tomorrow

to live like today is your last


I’m living my lives through movies learning and unlearning habits and attitudes; shedding a tear, sporting a smile; looking around with eyes anew; reaching inside to bring back the me i used to know before ugly things gave me crow’s feet and all-knowing eyes – before frown lines appeared above my brows – before i learnt to say why instead of how; when giving a hug did not mean i want something from you; early mornings did not mean work; late nights did not mean fights.


Vibrant colors are no longer repulsive; greys no longer dull. Far away is no longer out of mind; sleeping next to the same being is not monotony. Silence is not killing; chatter does not maim. Happiness is not on a wishing tree but in the smiles of beings around. Happiness is knowing there are some things you can take for granted in an ever transient world…..

the greying hairs on your folks’ head belies the oceanic love and trust they have in you

the image looking back at you from the mirror trusts in you to be loved, to be good, to be happy

night is followed by day yes, but for every day there is, we need a night too

it is easy to forget, but just as easy to remember…..


there is a higher force






God bless!!



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