The past fortnight has been nothing short of a recurring nightmare, and made me realise how much I had allowed work to shape me as an individual. I realised I’m no longer myself but a drone grind to the mill, working and working, regardless of the outcome or the environment.

What changed this. As happens to corporates, transformation!! Transformation to be a more nimble behemoth, if that is possible.

Rattled, bewildered, Zoned out, witless….just a few of the adjectives I have been over the last few weeks.

The positive: I was shaken out of my comfort zone and my placid being to introspect and ask myself. Is this what life is? Of course, it’s not you say, and are you right.

Am I out of the placidity. To some extent yes. I have atleast taken that crucial first step to assess what I want in the now and not 5 years down the line or 10 years down the line. I want to be in the present.

This means getting my debt to as near zero as it becomes; Follow the Waste Not, Want not philosophy (believe me this one has been difficult with all the sales & offers in the city); Network and make a meaningful connection ( and not random, “i would like to add you to my network” spiel); Observe and analyse (something that I haven’t been doing too often); and take up hobbies besides sleeping and lazing (I aced at this if I haven’t told you already).

So I realised I’m a passably good cook, a decent baker, good housekeeper (even tho it means I no longer have well-manicured fingers & cuts all over my palms), a short temper (huh, where did this come from) & a gardener (have a lemon tree, curry leaf plant, 2 bamboos growing tall and strong). 

Not bad. I’m also trying at interior designing. Will post some pics if I get myself a fancy phone.

Right now I’m still using my Samsung base model (see it’s so base it doesn’t even have a model number or fancy name) and it’s given me more than what I paid. So no instant messaging or instagram pics. 

Have a great weekend, I sure will. (There are a few pots waiting to be potted and a sinkful of dishes waiting to be washed) but before all that there is a good old friend waiting to be met.



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