What you say stays!!

It isn’t for anything that we have proverbs and fables!!

Ever heard of, Words flung from mouth and arrows from a bow can never be taken back.

WHY this proverb and now??

Well, for the past hour and a half I have been browsing my entire stack of posts to laboriously trace comments made by a regular reader and friend to delete all of it permanently.

Now this gentleman is a regular reader of this blog and held forth his opinions quite strong and loud.

Imagine to his surprise when he was quizzed about his opinions on certain topics expressed in this blog during an interview. And he actually fared poorly despite the right qualifications due to his views.

What does this mean and why does it give me a strange foreboding??

Not only do we have moral policing but we now have social policing as well?!

Tell me dear readers, is this right or do we fight???



12 thoughts on “What you say stays!!

  1. I hear you. Some people don’t seem to realize that what we write is a permanent record of sorts. But it is good to remind those folks, lest they abuse the freedom to post freely.

  2. Collateral damage. A diplomatic way to put the situation in and you may not be able to change this situation ever. It remains. Its ugly but it stays.

  3. “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety,” says Benjamin Franklin….whether this world accepts or not, I am not going to stop expressing my views in my blogs..

  4. A company has every right to identify and hire the most suitable candidate, even if it means looking up the candidates social media activity. If the candidate feels that this is a violation of privacy, then the candidate is simply misinformed. You don’t post things on social media where it is available for everyone to see and then crib about it when the hiring manager takes a look at that persons posts/tweets and decides whether to hire or not. Social media has pervaded our lives to such an extent that we consider it personal.

    • @rocksta. I thought otherwise till I realised that companies & HR are well within their rights to scrutinise a candidate thoroughly even foraging through their social media presence. After all, they need to be sure that they don’t have a loony on their rolls who will be go half-corked at the slightest opp!! And yes, if you put something in public it stays that way. So better think and write before shooting off on impulse.

      • It took me a while to realize this … if a company rejected me for my comments in one of your blogs, it is their lose, their shortsightedness and narrowness and they are at lose. I care too hoots for such companies. My only regret was asking you to delete all those comments. which would have been very painstaking for you. So a big thanks for you for going that extra yard for me…. but know what, i am back to myself… gonna shoot my mouth off as usual, and no idiotic company gonna make me feel what i said was wrong. It is my view and if they are displeased with it, they can go and screw themselves for all i care. I refuse to be a hypocrite, to get a shitty job.

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