So, what’s your passion

A question I would like to ask you. What is it?


Is it…

making money?

….being recognised?

…being loved?

…being the life of the party or wherever you are?

…doing something that you will be remembered for long after you are gone?







Turns out I’m passionate about cooking food (like most folks I know) and reading and gadding about (being as lazy as you can possibly get for the uninitiated) and just wishing I had my Jeeves to do a Wooster!!

Unfortunately, Bambubhai isn’t too good with the Jeeves bit but he sure can be inspiring to kick me out of bed and say ‘Move on, chase your dreams.’

Realised what I would love to do the rest of my life is –

Wake up to roosters crowing; Watch mists over mountains or coconut groves or mangroves; Hear peacocks singing in the rains; See robins, sunbirds, orioles, kingfishers, brahmini and pariah kites, parakeets, lapwings and bats tell me what time and season it is; Chat with Bambubhai on topics I lose track of; Turn out delectable dishes and watching them disappear in the wink of an eye; Watch shoots sprout of pots and Sip tea as the sun sets and See the sky paint a psychedelic picture that only I enjoy.

LIFE, that is what I’m passionate about.

 Here’s to Living Life and enjoying every single moment it offers…Cheers




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