So the monsoons have finally hit my city or so I like to think. After days of the ‘sun shines on’  a few drops of rain maketh a monsoon! Sad, but that’s what it has come to. Miss school days when monsoon came like clock work and the Met department was not barraged for being faulty with its reading. April showers and Enid blytons were followed by pouring rains and juicy guavas thrown into our waiting arms by a kind-hearted neighbour who owned the tree. Hot cups of cocoa, home-made samosas with left over veggies and warm blankets. Life couldn’t get any better unless nani told us stories of rajkumaris and churails.

Rediscovered some old friends and came back to you to share the joys of discovering life anew. But first, here is a blog I fell in love with, in fact quite a few blogs I fell in love with. Writing from the heart and writing on topics I care about.

This one is written by a friend, mayhap an acquaintance. Also these food blogs that I came across while browsing Vanity Fair.

And why am I here at 1 in the morning to write when I should be fast asleep? First there’s a call I have at 2.30 with counterparts in the U.S. and more importantly, there is the first quarterfinal of the Euro cup. Czech vs Portugal and one yellow card given already. Looks interesting but there, I turned down the volume so I could gather my thoughts and write more cohorently.

This past fortnight has been a time of turmoil, both on a professional and personal basis. I have been transitioned to a new team but without clarity of direction. Good news: I learn more and interact with more people. Bad news: I’m moving out of my comfort zone (2nd yellow card to Nani from the Portugal side & 3rd yellow card to Niguel, Portugal again).

I went to Chennai on a rush visit over the weekend to meet a friend diagnosed with cancer. Good news: Met him when he can interact and react. Bad news: Medicines are not helping any.

Rediscovered Chennai and Mamallapuram. Went to temples and this time it wasn’t the dreary South Indian temple trip we were shanghaied to as children. Narayana Perumal temple where the reigning deity is Varaha and Kapaleeshwara temple dedicated to Shiva. The tranquil ambience was unlike any I have come across despite the surging crowds as with any other Indian temple. I will try and upload pictures later.

Rediscovered the simple joy of packing up and going, and with family in tow that was a bit difficult but we managed the short trip with a small duffel bag of clothes for 3 people. The heat got to us on day 2 and we were just so glad to be back at ‘home, sweet home.’

Rediscovered that love hits you at the most unlikeliest moment.

Came back to an empty house since Bambubhaibatliwala hadn’t accompanied us on this trip and was out foraging. Cleaned up the mess and wondered where the great hunter had gone when the keys turned in the lock and my heart was pounding like a bongo drum. Aha!



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