The Lying Fields

This article struck a chord on different levels. For those of you unable to access it, the article is written by a middle-aged mom (The lady is a film critic with the Jerusalem Post), divorced with 2 sons, one of whom is autistic. She dwells on the difficulties in getting a date who is ok with all of the qualities just extolled.  Yes, she doesn’t get any but in the process of the dating game a well-meaning friend advices her to lie about not having an autistic child. She tries but it turns out to be very exhausting and not worth the trouble, needlessly adding to the stress she already faces.

The writer concludes, “And in the end, for me, just being Danny’s mother means telling the truth about my son, even if doing so means I’ll be on my own. ”

Which brought me to the more immediate questions:

Does the end justify the lie?

What topics would you be willing to lie about?

Would you snip of parts of your personality and ignore pieces of your existence to fit into groups/people/career?

Can you live with such a lie?





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