Dangerous dalliance

Every one loves being complemented on their looks, and this quest reaches greater heights with greater weight and greater recession, not of the wallet but the hairline and the age.

Too general, eh?! Well, the next time you are at a party just become a fly on the wall and here are some of the lines you may well hear…

45+ receding hairline gentleman, “Oh, I know I still have it in me. After all, my son is just 5 year old and he needs  a sibling. Now I don’t know if (she) is up to it” with an arched look at spouse in waiting….Now does this gentleman continue to be one??!

35+ at office gathering turning to the PYT, “Oh you know what they say…” and goes on to crack a vaginal joke. PYT simpers and hot shot cracks a few more lewd and lewder jokes

40-approaching high metabolism lady who would give any 16-year old a run for her money with her non-existent waistline at mixed party..”Oh, my daughter says maa your stomach should be like Katrina Kaif,” when envious women & raised eyebrows turn to look at trim saree clad figure droooled at by men in gathering.

Nearing 30-gent with rockstar abs “Oh, I wouldn’t know really it’s god given either you have it or you don’t” and nudges PYT with a leching grin.

Let me know if you heard anything funnier… I’m giving away complementary passes to the nearest CCD if you win this prize 😉




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