To Gainer

Every one of us has that one great support system who believes when all else fails and when every one else doesn’t.

It could be your sibling, friend and even a chance stranger.

At various points in life I have had different people who were that to me, and yes, my pet of 12 years, who died a few years back, was an integral part of my support system as well.

There are times when all it takes is a look to break you down, that straw that broke the camel’s back.

How much is too much is a question that only you can answer but before you take that decision to break. WAIT.

I saw this, and Brian Gaynor gained one more fan.

Bryan A.K.A Chibi , a computer science major, suffers from Scoliosis, the bending of the spine, which affected his movement and height but if you see him dance you wouldn’t even know.

N’uff said




4 thoughts on “To Gainer

  1. Beautiful. Support can mean so much. According to ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor (as well as various other sources), a sense of community (the term being necessarily broad) is one of the essential cornerstones of happiness.

    I sense (and understand) a hint of defensiveness when you mention that your pet was part of your support system. People don’t always understand the value an animal companion can provide. I had one like that. He’s been gone 17 years now, but a 10×14 picture of him hangs in my office. I’m looking at it now.

    • I’m glad to find a fellowman in you. My upcoming post is all about him, my lil’ one. Yes, you are right when you say I’m defensive in the post. Again you are right, not many people understand what a great companion a dog makes.

      • I can understand how some people don’t feel that way about their pets and perhaps can’t, but I don’t appreciate it when they can’t empathize.

        Some time ago I was running a sales office. I had one salesperson, but was interviewing for more. On the day of interviews, my co-worker’s dog was poisoned. She asked to take the day off to deal with the emergency, and I of course gave it to her (she was going, whether I gave her permission or not).

        Later, when I was interviewing a guy, he asked where “the woman I talked to yesterday is.” I explained what had happened and that she had gone home. He made some comment insinuating that she didn’t have her priorities right. I continued the interview for several minutes, but he lost the job right then.

  2. @smaktakula, let me know if you got an opening 😉 but seriously you are right not everyone does empathise and sadly sometimes they are your own family 😦

    That said, it’s not often that you come across a supervisor/manager who understands and empathises with your priorities of pet companion over work. I remember having to leave an important meeting because my dog had a bad case of food poisoning. My boss had that time understood so I still had a job when I went back to work the next day..

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