Dog days

Was randomly browsing through FB pages of friends and strangers (read friend of friend in FB parlance) and what struck me was the feeds/posts on finding Happiness, what Happiness means, How to be Happy, etc, etc..

And as I looked around I saw my mad mutley run from end of the balcony to the other. He was aping the kids on the road who were chasing each other.

[Now you must know me by now, I think dogs are better than man (read human, not being sexist here).]

And both dog and kid(s) looked happy, beyond what I have been and seen in a long while.

So what was it that made them gleefully happy, I wondered?

First thing that I noticed.

Unfettered, unrestrained, unabandoned involvement in what they were doing…. No thought of what anyone thought, felt, did or said.

Simple, n’est pas?

What more I thought?

Mutley had by now stopped scampering like a mad dog when he noticed me and came wagging his tail, his blue rubber bone dangling from his mouth. He came and nudged my leg. Shook himself and dropped the bone in front of me. It was play time for him, and I was his privileged companion.

I just stood.

He picked up the bone, ran a sprint and came back. Again, dropping the bone in front me of and nudging me. This time accompanied by a growl.

I stood still.

He picked up the bone and did a turn around me. Back he was with the bone. This time he didn’t drop it but sat on his butt and watched me.

Finally, he dropped the bone and went sniffing around the pots and plants completely ignoring me for the next 15 minutes.

Well, you say. Why am I dogglyzing so?

Don’t we humans do the same thing, is my repartee.

We do not give ourselves completely, always holding back for fear of getting hurt, for fear of rejection, for fear of betrayal and all the other fears we constantly surround ourselves with.

We make an overture once, twice and when it isn’t returned we move along never to return. How many of us are brave enough to stick around and give relationships a chance?

So back to the doggylyzing.

15 minutes later, he was back. This time with a different toy. And I played along, taking his toy and tossing. He fetched and I threw, he fetched and I threw till both of us sat down exhausted.

Ever give yourself up to enjoying the moment, just living in the present. Not thinking about the past and too far into the future.

Unfortunately, we don’t (and I probably top the list).

We get good jobs, great spouses, understanding partners, rock-steady siblings, Friends who are just that, families that would make the Godfather proud and benign strangers. Perhaps, not all of them together but most of us have one or several of these things going for us.

Yet, what do we do? We wallow. We torture ourselves for not being good enough as we want us to be or what someone wants us to be.


Get away from the vicious circle that expectations weaves around you.

Do. Be.

Just Be.





Have a great week ahead.



3 thoughts on “Dog days

  1. its so true, every word every lesson! i am learning this art since two years every day, as i imbibe theater sense into me! and i realize how closed inhibited and worried lives we lead otherwise! let go! let go is so small a phrase, yet so huge a thing to do!

    • @geeamerkarvis, thank you for reading and leaving your thoughts as well. i’m so jealous of the various outlets you have to let go of your inhibitions. truly there is nothing like art in its myriad forms to set you free.. yes, to let go is easier said than done

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