Speak Up

Silence is golden. My grandpa has drummed this into my head ever since I can remember. Quite difficult to follow yet convenient.

Broke my doll. Who did it? Who did it? Answer me, NOW. SILENCE.

I know you care for me, don’t you? SILENCE.

You saw her do it isn’t it? Why didn’t you tell us? SILENCE.

You didn’t finish the assignment did you? SILENCE.

I can remember a million situations where silence was golden indeed.

But what this has also made of me is an escapist.

Anyone willing to take on this responsibility? Silence

I need someone to wrap this proceedings. Silence

Hmmm, you get my drift!

Of late, I have started to realise silence is not always golden.

Situation 1: Adorable lil pup appeared out of nowhere. The first I noticed him was a yelp. Someone had just hit it with a stick. Adorable brown eyes looked up at me, a silent plea for help. Now I’m a sucker for pups and spotted brown ones just hit me there. Alright what do I do? Do I look at it pleading an excuse. Brown eyes meet brown and a long, surprisingly straight tail for a pup starts to swing pendulum-like and the brown eyes get bigger. Silence. A whine, a pathetic whine. But do I shout at a neighbour’s kid? Another yelp, this time louder.

Situation 2: Now this is not Basic Instinct I think as I uncross my leg for the nth time. I can’t wait to get out as the stream of barrages of incomplete work, unstructured approach, etc. etc. ring out in the air and my mind goes back to sleepless nights of pouring over excel sheets and documents, of dark circles and a constant frown on the forehead. Silence. The barrage gets louder, more insistent.

Situation 3: I thought you would do it. Why didn’t you? How could you? We trusted you and now look at this. Huh, stop. Hadn’t we discussed very clearly that each of us had a defined responsibility and what you say wasn’t within mine. Well, this isn’t anything new is it?And the constant accusation continues.

Suddenly, Silence doesn’t seem all that golden any more. In fact, it is starting to get more leaden.




FOR IF YOU DON’t SPEAK who will do it for you?


One thought on “Speak Up

    FOR IF YOU DON’t SPEAK who will do it for you?
    Thank you! Silence is definitely not golden… it is, in the current times, an admission of guilt/acceptance/willingness to take bullshit!

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