At the cross roads

Robert Frost’ The Road Not Taken serves as a reminder of what path I wish to thread, deep inside my heart and not my head every time I stand at the Cross Roads.

For when I die, I want to die standing tall and say I did it my way. Now understandably, what this has done is given me:

Credit card debts ( to fund vacations, clothes, books, gifts and what have you)

Failed relationships (as I’m my own person)

Books (gunny bags of it that I have collected over the years)

Friends ( a handful of them who have let me be)

Jobs (in the midst of figuring out which path I want to thread)


Family (since they didn’t have a choice)

….. now I’m sure that is not what Frank Sinatra meant when he sang that immortal song, but there it is.

At the cross roads again, and figuring out where I want to go in life and the after-life!!



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