It’s that time of the Year

Red, green and all colors not black or blue. Tis the season to be jolly. Tis the season to give.

Balmy weather already has me warm and happy.

Yet another year drawing to a close. 3+ decades of existence, is it time for me take out my paper and pen and list my accomplishments and draw up yet another list of resolutions.

Naa, don’t think so.

Happy to let that be for the do-gooders. Like a friend remarked I’m one of the rotten apples, as goofy as they come so letting all the resolutions out the door.

And here is what 2011 has been like:

  • No resolutions
  • Stayed on in a job for almost a whole year, a big phew
  • Stayed on in a relationship for more than two years and counting, a bigger phew
  • Malty stayed on with me despite the constant peeing and turned one, thanks mom
  • La familia still together, tg indeed
  • Mostly stayed off the booze, not surprising since old age is catching up πŸ˜‰
  • Didn’t dope, now remember that i never did πŸ˜€
  • Kept my heart and mind open to new experiences and the richer for it, amen!
  • Almost curtailed my credit card bills, but then again what’s life without a lil’ debt
  • It’s not been all about money, had more than my fair share of love, honey, adventures, travel
  • Travel I did and not only to an exotic bucket-list country but got to see a lot of my country, double amen!!
  • Made a lot of closures, realised all it took was a wee bit of courage & a few puffs
  • Love myself more than I did, hope this continues into the New Year

So folks, for all those who stayed on with me this last year, THANK YOU. For those who may come in next year, THANK YOU and for those who dropped off well GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU…..



8 thoughts on “It’s that time of the Year

  1. loved this line ….. Made a lot of closures, realised all it took was a wee bit of courage & a few puffs… if i had written this line people would have thought i am speaking about my one and only love — Ciggie. but in ur case i suppose it means tiredness after a long long trek

    • @jose, tomcat my dear as always thanking you for dropping by. It makes me happy to have someone like you read my 2 bits on everything. Tahnk you again, and yes, you got it bang on πŸ˜‰ Happy holidays….

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