How Dirty is Dirty

Just had an overdose of sleaze. Watched The Dirty Picture.

After all the critiques and reviews and teasers on the telly and what-have-you decided to chance it, if not for anything, for Naseerudin Shah and Vidya Balan.

I have always been an admirer of both these veterans, and yes, they did not disappoint me. Shah as a lecherous old man is vile enough to want you reaching out for poison ivy to wrap his over-sexed libido around and Balan transitioning from a slut to innocence in a matter of a single frame is vintage stuff. Reminds me of Saif in Omkara, the coronation frame when Vivek Oberoi usurps his coveted position.

When I heard someone remark that Vidya Balan is possibly the best actress the Indian movie industry has seen in the last 3 decades I thought to myself, well with assets on full display such gaga reviews are bound to come in spate. But having watched the movie, hats off to Ms. Balan for having the balls to take on this role and carry it off with such style.

The surprise package was Tushar Kapoor. He actually played the role of Ramakanth with great aplomb. And having watched Shor in the city quite recently, would like to see him essay more such roles.

Now those were the good things, not to forget Anju Mahendroo as the Catty Editor!

The rest of the movie was something I could miss, especially Emran Hashmi. Except for the fact that his talent to project a decent onscreen kiss, which none of the heroes have mastered so far, he was pansy and completely ruined the character of Abraham.

What I would have also liked is a stronger story line, tighter editing, subtlety and less of the in-your-face boob heaving, innuendos, and tongue-perpetually-swirling-the- mouth. The music suited the movie. Loud and bawdy.

I will not debate the biopic this is meant to be. Plenty of reviews and critiques out there.

What I admired was the unashamed, unabashed acceptance of what life gives and what you make of it. I admired the strength and mental resilience that the central figure potrays inspite of the suicide. This was perhaps, to the vast majority, cowardly but to me this was a woman who lived on her terms and ended life gracefully. Kudos!


4 thoughts on “How Dirty is Dirty

  1. totally agree ! while the film per se cudve been much better, vidya elevated it to another level. having said that, i loved the way dialogues were used in the film. laced with overt sexual innuendo, every line was a punch line, simple some times even crappy, yet sometimes, it said so much in your face without preaching! it was indeed a brilliant masterstroke

    • @geeamekarvis, i totally agree on Vidya Balan taking the movie to a whole new level, else without her the movie would have been relegated to nothing short of soft porn. the dialogues were another matter altogether, there wasn’t a need for such double-meaning pun and innuendos

  2. I think the corny and raunchy dialogues only added to the 80s feel of the movie, when movies with punch lines were more of the norm than an aberration.
    Agree with your take on Hashmi though – that could have been another strong character who compromised on his movie making morales and ‘degraded’ into a popularist performer! Unfortunately we had only one Nasir….

    • @knightinshabbyarmour, thanks for reading 🙂 Yes, the dialogues were a throwback to the Jagdeeps and Dada Khondkes!! Could think of better actors to portray Abraham, but than even Bollywood is all about camp and party politics 😉

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