Itz all about Druk

“We may be poor but there is no other country we would want to be born into. We are happy here,” said a 20-year old media officer I was chatting up with, and this sentiment was echoed by every single citizen I had the opportunity to connect with during the 1-week stay in this mountain kingdom where the King is revered and his photo placed alongside the idol of the Buddha.

Sustainable and equitable development

Good governance

Preservation and promotion of culture and values

Conservation of environment

These 4 pillars to GNH seems to encapsulate the aspiration of this beautiful country but captured the collective imagination of the world at large. “We are the happy country and what else do you expect. Look around you and you see calm serenity and greenery. Where else can you get this? I would rather remain here and stay calm than be a part of the rat race I see elsewhere,” remarks a shy 25-year old, who saved up to travel overseas to Canada and than the Asia Pacific.

Bhutan, where myth meets magic……………..


One thought on “Itz all about Druk

  1. It has a lot to do with the place in-nit? A trip to the Car-Nicobar island made me feel the same way. People don’t quarrel, they always share and live without a care. It doesn’t seem real once you are back to the city life.

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