Seeking closure

So here I’m nearly hitting midnight but no chariot to turn into a pumpkin or a fairy godmother to wave a wand.

All excited to land in Mumbai, the city of dreams, Maximum City, Sin city and what have you.

Someday perhaps I shall write about the adventures I had in this beautiful, tolerant city that always has its arms wide open. To embrace a stranger and engorge them completely. Truly, one of the best memories and the worse are all associated with this ever growing, ever flowing river… of unfulfiled promises and unbroken hope.

This time around my visit is short but on a quest I go.

For hidden troves of treasure and nuggets of wisdom.

Will keep you posted.


One thought on “Seeking closure

  1. I hated Bombay as soon as i got there. But then I grew to like even love it. By the time we left i was miserable about leaving. Imagine!! That’s what the city does to you i guess. I hope you have a good time there.

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