Thank You & dhanyavaad

Nandri and merci tooo…..

This will be my 100th post. Never thought I would have enough discipline to sustain such a writing exercise. My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all those who read my posts, even if only to scoff. THANK YOU.

For all those who got me started…Rocksta, Anju, Archana, DC, Tomcat, Farouush, Guru, Chotu-Don, Ameet-O and the rest of the looney tunes…. Thanks for your patience, your comments, feedback and encouragement. Hope to receive this as I move on to the next phase……Cheers, and do come back ..






7 thoughts on “Thank You & dhanyavaad

  1. Preethiji… its always a rich experience to read your blog.. the language is always enriching, thoughtful.. 🙂 Congrats on reaching the mile… even with ur hectic schedule… do continue to share ur thoughts.. 🙂

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