Be True to Thine Own Self

I walked into the workplace today wearing dungarees, a kurta, floaters and a jola. Smiles and smirks greeted me along with raised eyebrows and nudges.

While I’m not a self-conscious person naturally, I was forced to introspect. This attire that had  been a part of my writer’s garb for so long was suddenly alien in a corporate set up, even in a geeky corporate set up where it was OK to wear Croc loafers, tattered Levis and CK Ts.

When in Rome wear a Toga. That is my grandpa’s fav adage and still holds good as he prepares to turn 94 this coming year. You will never catch my grandpa go wrong with his sense of style and dressing. A formal occasion deserves nothing better than a crinkle-free trouser/shirt & pressed suit and if it is an Indian formal do than his best silk dhotis and kurtas are out along with the Rajasthani chadawas. His shoes have to sparkle till he can see his own reflection while his handkerchief stays unsoiled even after he has mopped his brow on a hot, sweaty day.

A walk to the neighborhood barber means wearing his old shirt and pants on since he still believes going to a barber is Ashudh. While I understand the hygienic connotation behind this belief what I’m yet to understand is the elaborate ritual that goes with a visit to the barber!!

While I have tried to emulate my grandpa’s immaculate dressing sense I have utterly failed in meeting his exacting standard. He cannot fathom how any grand daughter of his can go dressed in dungarees to a corporate meeting, and not even my by-now-standard line of  “Be true to thine ownself” helps!!!

So does this mean being a career journalist = sloppy, lazy & indisciplined or is it a mere excuse for having a straight-out-of-bed look & making it look smart 😉


One thought on “Be True to Thine Own Self

  1. Who told you that career journalist = sloppy, lazy & undisciplined. Hey I am the most disciplined guy around, I am supposed to get up at 6am sharp, but gets up at 6.35am most of the day to catch the 7.18am train to Andheri. Because of this I mostly forgets to brush and clean my teeth and tongue, but I do not forget to take a bath, well, hump, may be some days I when I do not have that time, I do lode myself up with Park Avenue deo. But, despite all this I reach my office by 8.30am sharp, put out my pre-open market report by 8:45am and is out for my customary smoke by 9:45am—without fail. (what is life if you cannot blow some smokes in the air). I always eat my lunch between 1-4pm, stop laughing, I do not get to eat because of my commitment to my work. As the bond/forex market closes at 5pm, I put out the closing report by 5:15pm, wait till 6pm to see if there are any more stupid press releases from RBI and than leave for home. Reaches home by 7:30pm, play with my 6-yr old niece, watch some late night movies and hit the bed by 11pm. Oh, I forgot to say I do eat my dinner sometime around 10-10.30pm, but sometimes I miss it too, if I feel too tired to eat and just hit the bed without food. Because of this I have only one dream, my ultimate goal in my life… to sleep 16×7 for the rest of my life. The remaining 8 hrs I will, hmmmmmmmm, let me think, well, i will read a little and play with my cats and dogs. Now is this the example of a sloppy, lazy and undisciplined journo. Say, yes and I will come all the way to bangy to bang ur head. Hehehehehehhee PUN INTENDED FOR THE WHOLE REPLY.

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