the older you get the more breaks you need

loo breaks

career breaks

relationship breaks

study breaks

in fact, taking a break from all the breaks is actually a good idea.

all this came about after reading that news snippet about how the corporate cubicle life is bound to stress people out. i mean wasn’t this known earlier.

why do you think primary school teachers remain life long teachers where as your corporate head honcho unless he founded the company got there by climbing a ladder, and in probability a ladder of heads.

why do you think the naturalist at your local wild life reserve has probably been there for a long time now, and if not there been in the same profession for a long time?

why do you think a researcher has been in his field till the first gray hair or bald patch came along?

to persevere at something you must enjoy it, and even if that is perseverance of money so long as you enjoy it and feel the thrill of waking up to another day of perseverance, go ahead and enjoy it without the needless pangs of guilt.

i know of several people who have made it a lifelong quest to persevere joy. naa, they don’t have rich folks to cushion them it’s just that their wants aren’t greater than their needs. a couple gave up collective high-flying jobs to set up a restaurant in mumbai, another couple i know pooled in their money to buy a plot of land and start a B&B.

so what is stopping you from chasing…the sheer joy of living life



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