Magic Flower

The Divine Brahma Kamal….

Feel truly blessed to witness the blossom, only wish I could capture the essence of that remarkably sensual fragrance…

and I wouldn’t even have realised this was a once-in-a-year phenomenon hadn’t my uncle shouted out from below, “heh look there’s something hanging out.”  i craned my neck out the balcony as much as i could without having gravity do the trick to find this snake-like pink-covered bud hanging out precariously.

ah, if i had known that this was the magical flower.

you see the flower pot is in a corner of the balcony, and the garden is strictly off-limits to me. my grandpa being the greenthumb and i the black-one if you can call it that. so you understand i’m allowed to view but never touch so all i see is greenery around and nothing else. we have money plants, jasmine (mum’s prized territory  & again off-limits to me), petunias, dahlias and bulbs that never bloom and cactuses and aloe veras and god-knows-wat-else so suffice to say all i get to see and admire are green plants so this was another pot in the nursery.

now this particular pot has a story behind it.

this was a prized possession in my fav aunt’s house much before she became newly single after being happily married for well over 4 decades. you see, my uncle lost his fight to cancer and my aunt her will to stay alone in the house, which till then housed this pot among other pots of tulsi, hibiscus, roses, carnations, brinjals, jasmine, drumsticks and what not. so aunt packed her belongings having deposited that particular pot at our house for safe keeping and off she went to Hyderabad.

and that brings us to today…..sapped of energy i was ready to call it a night when out i go in the balcony and there is a fragrance unlike any other. now my balcony houses my lil’ mutt as well so the only fragrance, uh..pardon, smell i get is that of his pee. …but this was quite a different essence. no bulgari, coco chanel or burberry can concoct such divine fragrance…ah wat was it….and there in the corner was this white lotus-like bloom.

and the rest has been captured as well i could though the real magic is to be seen to be believed.

BRAHMA KAMAL, o divine Himalayan flower…… thank you for coming home

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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