You are never told..

that the first time you fell in love wouldn’t be your last..

that the first time you do it isn’t as good as it gets..

that the next job you go to will probably as bad as the job you left or even worse..

that the friends who turned strangers are probably waiting for you to make that call..

that you will love more than one man or woman and he/she will most certainly never be your spouse..

that nothing can calm you down better than a puff…

that a cold shower never does much except give you a cold…

that you need to know how to write a decent letter; make a ppt; speak out…

that you must reach out when you are lost…

that your best friend on the corporate playing field is never the man/woman on top but the one below…

that it is ok sometimes to go wild, live free and not give a rat’s ass to what the world says….



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