We haven’t been fortunate to feel the full blast of the monsoons but dark clouds and rumbling thunder with moody showers are all here.

A friend who stays in green Trissur posted some amazing pics of the monsoon pouring in God’s own country. It made me stifled seeing the greenery and comparing it with the environs I stay and commute to every day.

Trees get lopped off because the cables need to be laid or the branches touch the electrical cables or the roads need to be broadened, yet again. Any reason will do to lop off trees that have probably been here before the first SEZ was constructed.

Pooh to you , and your development.

At times when the service road is closed for ever more work I’m fortunate to take an alternate route that passes by villages still untouched by development. Yes, I do not see the tough times the villagers endure farming, living on marginal economic progress with their kids having to attend government school or where they do not have access to education. While I travel in an AC cab back and forth and wax poetic about the environment and the erosion of it that development has caused. So sue me.

I long for the simple life when the mobile or the Internet did not rule my existence or became the reason for living.

I long for the simple life when I looked out of the balcony and saw the red blossoms from the gulmohar gently swaying in the breeze as rains lashed on making the squirrels scamper for cover and all the neighbourhood kids hopped on the puddles dotting the road.

I long for the simple life when I did not have to explain whimsicalities and spontaneous hugs and saying i love you without having to explain, when I could call friends to talk without apologizing for intruding into their ever busy life, when a walk on tree-lined roads was all that was required to get rid of the stress and not a 3-day all day course on the art of living and life.

I long for the simple life……



3 thoughts on “Monsoons

  1. This of the beloved B’lore, you can only imagine the state of things in other big cities. Ah the elusive simple life.

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