The Pump Phenomena

Clinton,Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Shiney Ahuja, and now Kahn & Schwarzenegger…the list it looks is endless. Now I won’t go into the common thread here. The news mill is overflowing with info and if you don’t know what I’m  refering to well where have you been?? MARS!!

The Pump phenomenon is back again!!!

Instead of pumping iron/muscles/brains these men have been busy pumping their shaft, it seems.

Gross eh?

What is even more gross is their women (wives in most instances) coming out in voluble support claiming their husbands were as white as cow’s milk. Huh…hello?!

These very women who claim or purportedly show themselves to be THINKING women and support women’s lib, social causes and appear to be socially aware actually came out in defense of their men when the first instance of infidelity/sexual misdeamenour was revealed…. HUH..hello?!!

Did they read the Mahabharatha to become Gandhari??

Would someone explain to me why women chose to be supportive in all the wrong instances or are they genetically conditioned to be this way??!


5 thoughts on “The Pump Phenomena

  1. @jose, truly appreciate ur reading my posts… yes, women seem to be their own worse enemies-ur friend’s comment a case in point. we as a society seem to progress and regress at the same time. people in power are bound by power (Hill&Bill) and the rest of the coterie but us common folks can change and harbor change. why aren’t we just supportive of women (single/married/separated/whatever) and the choices they make instead of being judgmental? i know of several instances both on the personal and corporate level where guys preened their conquests while women whispered of a second chance they had at starting life afresh. While the guy’s coffee conversation centred around his latest conquest and the ex-z nagging ways (being polite here) the female would whisper to a colleague (and that too only after she has studied them long and hard) about finding someone she thinks may be the one!!! why?!!

  2. You know what is sad is that all these men find support in their spouses. Wonder the level of desperation to not only stick to a rapist but also defend him to the world.

    • @Anjali, thanks for sharing these. I read both the article and blog post. Again, it’s a matter of opinion. While I agree with the HT columnist that a movement like this is ludicrous considering the far worse crimes committed against women in India and Seema’s two-bits on a woman’s right to say NO the rest is being derisive and demeaning to her own sex. I do not see the difference between what she says ”
      Does this mean that the thief who robbed you is not guilty? Of course he is. Does it follow that you bear no responsibility for what happened? Of course you do.

      You turned yourself into an easier target because of your actions – and you have to take the rap for that. Every choice we make has consequences; and we have to keep those consequences in mind every time we make a choice.

      So, no one is denying women the right to dress any way they feel like. But if you dress to be noticed, then don’t complain when you are noticed. If you dress to attract attention, then you must be reconciled to the fact that you can’t control what kind of attention you will attract. None of this can be used as a justification for rape – but yes, freedom does come with responsibility.

      and the Canadian cop who incited this whole movement!!

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