I have written on Netiquette earlier but a spate of incidents in the recent past prompt me to add a postscript to the post 😉

Nearly everyone’s FB wall has been spammed with links that proclaim to contain Bin Laden’s video (the Seals attack!!) and links that claim to let you know who your top follower is and how it may include your ex and not to mention all the comments on IPL!!!! NOW REALLY….Are we living in such a voyeuristic culture that we need to click every link that promises SHOCK value when we know its spam.

Not only Facebook every day living has gotten to a point of getting spammed.

Mobile phones are replete with messages from banks promising personal loans, health insurance, great investments; travel agents promising once-in-a-lifetime offer and free tickets to godknowswhereandwhocares; yoga classes at your doorstep and home delivery of something akin to ATKINS diet….NOW REALLY….

Emails have too few mails and too much junk. You would never realise you were important or even LIVING until you have mails from YAHOO, MICROSOFT, SHELL, BRITISH PETROLEUM,GOOGLE sending you lottery winning notifications; mails from MARUTI, VIDEOCON, WINDSOR SHERATON, BPOfirms, unknown recruitment firms offering you a BIG break, a GREAT job; mails from your Nigerian uncle, Chinese grandad, African relative and European cousin offering you an inheritance; mails from the FBI, WHO, UN asking you for personal details……….NOW REALLY….

And try having a conversation with someone and if the topic, God forbid, is politics or cricket, everyone and his uncle has an opinion on it and the conversation is no longer a dialogue but a frenzied babel…NOW REALLY..

Spamming culture is here my friends, and where do we go from here??!

YOU TELL ME would love to know………………………………..


One thought on “Spamming

  1. @jose, appreciate u reading my blog tomcat…yea i know. still remember reading cases of ppl letting greed overtake their good a wise man told me “common sense isn’t that common”!!

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