I have not been as prolific in posting as I used to, maybe the corporate angst is slowly being replaced by a drive to give back to society and all those who mentored me along the way.

I’m in the midst of a corporate makeover where collaboration replaces competition, information replaces misinformation, mentoring replaces backbiting and condescension, experimentation is welcomed and complacency ridiculed, where the old and young work together for a better today and a promising tomorrow.

Sounds ideal, well that is the way my state of affairs are turning out to be and I hope not to wake from this hallucination any time soon.

Now in the midst of this drastic change came another jolt. Of late I have returned to netting with a vengeance, whether it is browsing my sites of interest for news and contexts or whether it is facebooking and getting linked in with my worthy peers.

I have to admit netting has become addictive to some extent.

What all this two way communication has done is open my eyes to how archaic my language has become. Words that were innocuous before are now double intendre- loaded. And there is nothing like a private conversation either since the WALL is public.

My takeaways after a good friend had his wall bombarded with lewd comments, the net is here to stay and FACEbook is very much going to be a part of it, so get used to the public-city that this networked world brings in. Having said that, a few things stay the same:

Netiquette is as important in a virtual world as etiquette is in the real world, meaning:

  • Do not post lewd comment and innuendos on the WALL, not every body appreciates rauncy humor which can be NOT so humourous at times
  • Apologise
  • If a friend’s friend has tagged a photo of your friend you DO NOT need to comment, like, dislike, super like or express any of the myriad emotions
  • Do not send FRIEND requests to someone just because Facebook prompts you to with a You may know this XXX
  • Do not tag friends/people you do not know or merely acquainted with. Facebook allows people to tag themselves
  • Do not publish photos that may be distasteful or shows someone or even yourself in poor light
  • Do not pepper comments on people’s profiles when the flow of conversation does not relate to you (Remember just as it is rude to interrupt conversation in the real world so it is in the virtual one)
  • Spread the good word..there are times when things are worthy of reposting and bringing it to the world’s attention, so join the Cause without fear of public ridicule

And most importantly…be yourself. Just because you are in a virtual world does not mean you put on a MASK.


3 thoughts on “Netiquette

  1. good reading Gobil. Add+hic+ton(1000)s are quite unhealthy!

    Your posts fortunately are healthier!
    Tk care n c u soon

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