Great times

in the field of education. Here are some interesting experiments that are going on..

For quite some time now there has been this silent movement to propagate home schooling. The movement is starting to attract a lot of followers and is no longer as silent. Bullying, inability of dyslexic, differently-abled children, sexual harassment, peer pressure, non-conformism and a whole host of reasons are leading parents to take their kids away from a traditional learning environment to home school them, and technology has given warp speed to this movement. From virtual classrooms to e-learning to online tutorials and educational kits for parents teaching their kids at home, there is so much that is happening.

And guess what, Skype seems to have come with something unique. Check this out. Skype in the Classroom and tell me what you think. Is this the future of education? Will we need lesser teachers like Sam Pitroda remarked recently causing a furore among the teaching community in India. We still have some way to go but UGC, IGNOU and DD have already shown us that distance education is possible, but how effective it is ..well that is an answer worth finding out!!


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