Being a little less selfish

These past couple of months have been absolutely hectic as I adjust myself to all the decisions I made and the hard work it entails.

I have often been told I take life too seriously, I’m too serious, etc. Earlier, remarks like this fazed me but not any more. A while back I was traveling with someone and as we were heading home we decided to make a pit stop at a narialwala. Humid horrid weather and a narial was the best way of coping with it. I bought one for the autowala who refused at first but took it and promptly gurgled the cooling water at the second prod. Now this someone got upset at what he considered an act of charity and totally unnecessary and uncalled for gesture.

I felt guilty for having helped a stranger but second thoughts later, a lot of second thoughts later, I realised this is me.  I like to share my biscuits with strangers and my last apple with   a homeless person. I cannot make time to work with charities or help social causes like so many I know do, so this is my way of paying back. So do I need to apologise for being the way I’m, nope.

And where is this lil’ narrative taking me to. Over the past few months I have been blessed to come across this tribe of people who are giving back to society, each in their own unique way without being a martyr, bombastic or apologetic about it. It is just who they are.

Right from a young friend who started a green initiative getting his workplace to have more plants and going on to start a renewable bazaar to this lady who quit a high-powered and interesting job at NASA to start a NGO teaching kids in rural areas and getting tech firms to support her drive with the equipment they would have recycled or junked. People like a friend who would rather travel in a bus as the money spent on a auto would be better served helping the causes she supports to a couple who have started a movement to empower differently abled kids/people helping them be a part of society.

Kudos to this breed of serious folks, what would life be without them!!




4 thoughts on “Being a little less selfish

  1. Yeah yeah i absolutely remember the elaborate lunch box circulated in the room at work when ever someone cried “m hungry” 🙂

  2. Time-pass kar raha tha, so I was browsing through your back-dated blogs and when I came across this article, it reminded me of a recent incident that happened. I had gone to this NGO, for a lark with a friend. My niece is holidaying in God’s own country, so did not know what to do on Sat and Sunday. So this friend of my took me to this NGO (she works there), and surprise, surprise, I saw this totally selfish guy (an ex-co-worker from Tickerplant) there working selflessly with old age people. When he saw me he was perplexed. He looked like a 5-yr old kid caught by his mother with his hand in the cookie jar. That’s when I realized that this selfish guy was spending every Sat and Sunday at this old age home, working tirelessly by looking after the old folks there. He is know to give regular treats to all the elderly people staying there and to think he would not even spend a single rupee on his co-worker. I told him, so u work for charity. He got really agitated and said don’t call this charity. I am not doing this a charity. I am doing it for my own selfish purpose; it gives me a lot of peace of mind. I told him that I wished there were more selfish people like him in this world. No, do not ask me who he is, i doubt if you know him. And even if you know him, i am not going to tell you his name as i have promised him i would not reveal his secret

    • @jose…first thanks for reading my posts even if time-pass ke liye..bahut acha lagaa…second, don’t think i would know this ‘selfish’ person…and third, yup everyone has a side that they don’t like to reveal esp the tough nuts who like to stay in control. i know of quite a few people like this ex-colleague of yours. and even more surprisingly i’m actually seeing more people devote their time to causes that we consider charity but them it’s just a way of giving back …for whatever reasons it is may their tribe increase!!!

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