R*I*P Elizabeth Taylor

Browsing Facebook and came across this link a friend shared. My eyes popped out and I shook my head. Impossible I said.

Still in a state of shock I browsed Google News, and there rolled on 1,981 articles confirming La Grande Diva Elizabeth Taylor died at 79.

Elizabeth Taylor was not only an iconic woman but some one who represented WOMANHOOD, and its inherent strength.

Gritty not only in her reel potrayal but in real life as well. This lady to me represented what a woman can achieve if she so wills. Beauty, charisma, intelligence, wit and sheer force of character….that’s Elizabeth Taylor.

The first time these characteristics swept me was watching her play the bohemian mother in The Sandpiper.

Her kohl-lined eyes, her nude lips and jet black hair. Sensuous and seductive…the quintessential Taylor look but what keeps you mesmerised is her character. A free-spirited woman who believes in living life on her own principles with a i-give-a-damn attitude towards societal norms and mores. A mother who believes in her child and his right to innocence and childhood, strong and protective yet playful as a child herself.

Her chemistry with Richard Burton is touching yet sizzling.

Butterfield 8, yet another movie where Elizabeth Taylor plays an unconventional woman who lives life on her own terms.

In all her movies, Ms Taylor has never shied away from her sensuality and unlike the present day starlets in movies (whether Bollywood or Hollywood) her brand of sensuality was a beacon to bring home her man and not a neon signal to drive him away. She was smoldering and STRONG in her character. You always managed to sympathise and empathise with her condition. You saw her as an underdog fighting to get her own back against a society that gave her nothing.

Ah, Ms Taylor how did you manage this? Play on our emotions and root for you.

A child star, Ms Taylor’s star qualities even shone through as she essayed roles in Life With Father, Father of The Bride, Little Women, Date With Judy and her first – Lassie Came Home.

A MGM A-lister Elizabeth Taylor brought life back to the classics, especially as she became CLEOPATRA. Sigh, those eyes…..

Perhaps, it was the Eyes after all. And In Ms Taylor’s eyes you truly got a glimpse of her soul.


R*I*P Ms Taylor, May you stay in our memories forever…………….






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