is just that instant where everything seems to be just right.

Going through so many instances day-on-day and wondering if i’m truly blessed or in a space where I’m starting to accept myself the way I am, where I don’t constantly judge the person staring back at me in the mirror.

Yup, I’m way off the ideal BMI index and all those calorie counters.

Yup, I still cannot afford a Louis Vuitton or a Prada or even a Nine West or an Aldo, but what the hell. I have developed a sense of humour and a thick skin, enough to get me by unscathed through sarcastic jabs and huge bills.

Yup, I look around me and see faces full of wrinkles and smiles, patient, forbearing and hands extended out to pat or lift me up.

Yup, I return to a chaotic place where the din from daily soap operas continues unabated accompanied by a vociferous pup, hot food and a lap to rest my head on.

Yup, I sort through bills that need paying, memories that remind me of steps taken in haste and a thousand voices egging me on to higher living.

Yup, I post silly messages on the Social Network and hold on tight to my Human Network.

I’m HAPPY, that’s why.





5 thoughts on “Happiness

      • one of my frnd used to tell me, dnt judge urself through someone else’s eyes bcoz u love dat person more than urself or ur life,she says one must create a mirror of der own,n love ourselves first before loving others,we should keep happiness in our own hands n shd not leave it in someone else’s hands…ur blog post reminded me of her words…i hve started to love myself now! m sure i wil succeed 🙂 n cheers to ur attitude! love it!

      • @shilpa, thank you for reading. yes that’s a start, the self love. once there everything else in life seems to fall in place including HAPPYNESS 😀

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