Cacaphony of honks, sudden brakes, screeching vehicles and loud blaring music. In the midst of all this my Samsung phone gives a message alert. It’s 9 AM and I’m nowhere near reaching the office. Who could it be I think? Not the client surely or one of my colleagues enquiring why am I this late?

Beads of sweat form on my forehead as I unlock the keypad and read the message.

“Did the meeting take this long? Why haven’t you messaged yet?”

No this wasn’t an irate client or colleague it was a dear old friend whom I had forgotten to message back.

So we picked up the threads and the next 40 minutes of my auto ride was pleasantly spent answering a volley of questions peppered with free flowing advice.

Suddenly the cacaphony seemed musical to my ears and the morning became a lot more cheerier and ever so pleasant. I had a goofy smile on my face as I beamed at the screen and caught up with all the gossip. Nearly six years of not meeting up had left plenty of stuff to catch up on.

As I reached my office I keyed in a hurried, “What say we meet?” and a prompt “Yes” in response has me beaming even more.

What would life be without friends, and the kinds who let you pick up the thread without an explanation or an apology.




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