RIP Uncle Pai

Saddened and shocked beyond belief at the sudden demise of Uncle Pai, Anant Pai to the uninitiated.

Anant Pai made Indian comics a treasure to cherish for a whole generation of kids. Tinkle comics and Amar Chitra Katha and Anant Pai, each could not have been the same without the other.  Suppandi, Kalia the crow, Doob Doob, Mythology, Karna, Krishna, Mahabharatha, and SHIKARI SHAMBU. Childhood would not have been as memorable without these lovable characters for company.

The biggest reason for flying to Delhi to cover Comic Con 2011 at Dilli Haat on Feb 19 & 20 was Uncle Pai. I remember standing at Dilli Haat in the convention area along with a growing group of comiconers waiting eagerly to catch a glimpse of Uncle Pai and hearing what he has to say about the popularity of comics in India,and a new generation of comic book publishers including Vimanika and Campfire that are carrying on the proud tradition he started.

Alas, we waited and waited. Only to have the team from ACK and Tinkle tell us that Uncle Pai would not be addressing the convention as he had fallen sick. Who would have known that only a few days later the beloved Uncle Pai would pass away after a massive heart attack.

God bless you Uncle Pai.  May your soul rest in peace.

Thank you for making my childhood special and continuing to give my childhood back whenever I grab a Tinkle…………….

I will miss you……..



4 thoughts on “RIP Uncle Pai

  1. Hey how can you forget Anwar and Pinki, all those who made our childhood more memorable. In today’s time of MTV and V Channel, there never will be another Uncle Pai ever.

  2. Preeti,

    what a lovely tribute to Uncle Pai.

    There are some people who you associate so closely with your childhood memories, even if they never knew you at all. Uncle Pai’s letters in Tinkle were always something to look forward to in each issue.

    Jose: Pinki has been created by the famous cartoonist Pran, of Diamond comics, and not Uncle Pai, as far as I know.

  3. @nidhi, yes indeed. I still treasure my bound volumes of ACK and Tinkle and anytime one of them goes missing accusations fly thick and fast till the lost volume is not retrieved. Thanks for reading Nidhi 🙂

  4. @jose, anwar and pinki, raghu, hodja, and all the myriad mythological characters who came to life. you won’t believe this but my only association with the Mahabharatha or the Ramayan was a pedantic litany till ACK brought out those superbly illustrated series. I still remember the first of the series when Vyasa sits down to dictate the story of the Mahabharata to Lord Ganesha. Indian Mythology was suddenly more colorful and interesting, even more so than the Grimm brothers’ fairytales. Thank you Uncle Pai, may the coming generations enjoy your legacy as much as we do.

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