Bum’s Rush

Underpaid and unappreciated, a recurring theme in many a professional’s life. Well so was it in mine giving rise to this post Bum’s Rush.

Now before you start to think I’m still one such perish the thought.

This post was started last year and kept in cold storage for nearly a year now. Several events in the interim period laid this blog’s original intent to rest.

Discovered I could write,  and get paid for what I write! A wow moment!!

Get appreciation for writing on issues I’m passionate about and get appreciated by friends, acquaintances and random strangers. A wower moment!!!

But more than all this I realised I could write to connect with people and make change possible.THE WOWEST moment!!!!!!!!

Being given the Bum’s Rush is easy but accepting it is in your own hands.

Decide whether you want to chase money or chase your passion.

Somewhere something’s got to give and you are sure to get paid in a myriad ways when you bring your passion to work or make work your passion.

All of us get stuck in a rut and give in to the system (making money to meet commitments and taking on/getting thrust with commitments so having to make more money and a never-ending cycle).

De-clutter your life – whether it is sitting down to figure out where you are headed or simply tearing up your credit card and breaking a cycle of debt; whether it is deciding if IN A SHORT LIFE you are doing what you want or whether you will let the years pass you by.

Life is waiting...........


TODAY IS when you live your LIFE the way you want to

THE TIME IS NOW….YOU WILL be all that you can be


To borrow my fav line………… LIFE IS CALLING, where are you?!!


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