Never a dull moment

when Suppandi is around.

Yup, Tinkle comics introduced this well-meaning but stupid servant, who was a source of constant humour to readers and chagrin to his master.

Came across this great site called froomple that has a good collection of Suppandi jokes.

Tinkle with its Kalia, Doob doob, Tanti the Mantri, Hodja and of course the irrepressible Suppandi made life lighter. So here’s a few for you to cheer up and remember it’s almost TGIF!!

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2 thoughts on “Never a dull moment

  1. oh yeah… i remember suppandi.. man.. everyone @ school was hooked onto his jokes.. and if u dint know suppandi..u were out brother.. and i always used to rush to the library during the library hour.. fightin my way sometimes to get a hand on the precious Tinkle.. lovely days and great fun… i hope the younger generation gets a hand on this memorable guy.. ! long live Suppandi…!

    • @ ye Guru. LONG LIVE Suppandi, unfortunately kids these days are more hooked on to Harry Potter than Suppandi.. still so long as Tinkle is around so will our beloved Suppandi

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