Hopped off at M.G.Road, that once HAPPENING place when we were younger not wiser.


That lovely promenade with stone benches to sit on and watch a busy world go by. Play games where we reeled off names of billboards and the first one to spot the billboard won an ice cream at Lakeview

The arched stone gate entrance at the entrance to MG road which always had bouganvilla creepers and looked beautiful during a warm summer day

Book sellers on the street selling PG Wodehouse for 50 bucks and Archies for 20

Little nook and corners at Premium book store where I got introduced to Erma Bombeck and exchanged sweet nothings with my first crush

Wimpy’s- the first burger outlet atleast the one I knew about

Jamal’s where I was introduced to something called a baking tray and a cookie cutter, and all of my crazy experiments with baking that resulted in a fatter and happier dog

Lakeview and Chit-Chat

Blue Moon and Blue Diamond

(To those who don’t know or haven’t heard of this: The L&C=ice cream parlours; The B&B=movie theatres)

Spencer’s; Wearhouse; Premium Bookstore; Old world Colonial Bungalows:: MY BANGALORE not Bengaluru or Bendakalooru

The city which was home to me minus the hideous metro (couldn’t they make it underground?!!) – the huge excuses for malls- the mammoth jewellery store-the gourmet shop- I know will never come, and I wonder how long will this city stay friendly and warm??

The eternal smile has slowly but surely faded to be replaced by sulks and snarls.

I don’t want a city that never sleeps.

Give me my Bangalore the way it used to be………………………………………………….


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